New NHS Trust case study shows how Returns To Work were accelerated, average MSK staff absence durations reduced and cash
When it comes to supporting employee health 2023 is an important year, because employee expectations have risen. Employee health and
Preventing the confluence of COVID and flu in the workplace Flu in the workplace is always an issue for employers. It
Kick it off with the European Week for Safety and Health at Work At the time of writing, it happens
MSK absences are a huge drain on employers. Of the 1.7 million British workers who suffered from work-related ill-health last
BHW healthy workplace award is back to benchmark UK businesses We are really looking forward to the results of this
Employee Health Engagement Calendar of Awareness Engagement Days 2022 The UK loses 32.5 million work days a year due to
Or: why all Day 1 absence solutions are NOT created equal Day 1 absence management is a constant challenge for
Each year Occupational Health Awareness Week works to raise awareness of the vital importance of occupational health for everyone. OH
Refreshed, updated, with broadened appeal and benefit for employers, workplace managers, HR and health and wellbeing professionals The Oxford Handbook
For many years, health concerns specific to women have been overlooked by employers. There has been little awareness of the
How employers can reduce the risks and impacts of asthma at work Breathing difficulties have a long history in industry
Today marks the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. It is an initiative of the International Labour Organisation
The most recent CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Report, which has been tracking the issue for 22 years, has
Stress is a word that trips lightly off the lips. Stress is discussed as if it is an inevitability in
These days, enforcing a ‘no smoking’ policy in the workplace is a given.  Smoke-free legislation came in 15 years ago
Obesity in the workplace is a growing challenge for employers. Yet, fat is an understandably tricky topic to tackle. Weight
It is highly likely that all employers will need to support an employee with a cancer-related issue at some point.    
6 essential things employers should remember as people return to work  Workers may soon be flocking back to work after
How can employers make sure they do appropriate home working risk assessment now Working from Home is back? New ‘work
10 things you need to know about the changing employee health landscape  Employee health and wellbeing planning has never been as key for employers
Nurses mental health and more under spotlight after COVID  Nurses health and that of other key healthcare staff has been in
Employers Guide to Employee Health in 2022 Employers have a duty of care for all their employees. They must create
Employers need to work harder to improve female employee health engagement as well as doing so for the workforce overall,
Dr Steve Boorman to help kick off the agenda of the NHS Health at Work Conference 2021 Empactis will have
Managing COVID vaccinations for employees has suddenly become a big news story in the US. Google, Facebook and Netflix are among the first employers
COVID absence management due to isolation and long term sickness will bring fresh costs and challenges As England prepares to unlock, many business leaders are breathing a
What Employers need to know about Long COVID Long COVID is becoming an increasingly common topic of discussion among health
Executive Summary: Time to put health and wellbeing on every Board agenda with Wellbeing Guardians  The impact of the pandemic has put employee health on every
NHS staff health crisis is becoming a critical case  The enormous efforts of frontline NHS staff in the pandemic are
The continued successful rollout of the vaccination programme seems to support the view that we are now on an inexorable path
How individual employee risk assessments for staff complement other COVID-19 workplace health and safety efforts. This week has seen the
Why 2021 offers HR directors opportunities to show strategic impact with smart employee health strategy Employee Health Trends for 2021
NHS sites, surgeries and hospitals around the country are now becoming fully engaged in attempts to accelerate vaccination of the
Last week’s decision by Government to allow a further temporary relaxation of drivers hours rules may be necessary. Port delays
A home working health checklist for employers As Lockdown 2.0 looms across England, are employers ready to manage the home working health implications not just in
Transformation success proves the power of employee health leadership and determination Occupational health (OH) professionals can be the unsung heroes
Employee mental health in the spotlight in these tough times Organisations and their leaders are in many ways flying blind
Last year our employee health consultant Dr Steven Boorman was asked to contribute expert opinion to the forthcoming REBA* Employee Wellbeing report.
Covid-19 has brought employee health and the challenge of managing absence to the top of the agenda. It placed new demands on managers
How we worked with MFT to support their management of Covid-19 absence, testing and risk assessments Manchester University NHS Foundation
Covid-19 pandemic absence management The sharp and significant rise in absence of healthcare staff has been a challenge shared by
This week has seen a landmark deal agreed and celebrated between the NHS and Microsoft. It represents so much more
Are employers prepared for the scale and long haul? Now that the Government has significantly opened up the Test, Track and Trace programme, employers of key
Why employers may have to wait for test-based confirmation of immunity for workforce planning and what that means for managing
The Royal College of Physicians, backed by an array of prestigious medical professional associations, has today published new guidelines around the
Essential management advice to help organisations prepare to manage coronavirus employee absences The Government has now shared its plans and
New guide aims to help NHS Trusts take action around workforce health and maximise a powerful range of available resources
Anyone with access to my diary would see that I enjoy speaking regularly at a diverse range of conferences. I
Staying abreast of, or even ahead of, how technology can transform organisations and enable those in leadership positions to do
Today I am returning to the vital issue of mental health at work. Not only because this is an essential
“Opening Doors – addressing the mental health of nurses and their patients” was the ambitious target of a webinar by C3 Collaborating
The estimates of numbers of UK adults with high blood pressure, or hypertension, are startling. The NHS estimates 1 in
Today I am returning to the issue of suicide. Not just because I am keen to keep the spotlight on
I am always pleased to see that NHS Digital continuing to publish data openly on sickness absence rates across the
This week sees the launch of a long-anticipated open consultation around the vital topic of employee health and the responsibility
“By George she’s got it!” For many, that reference will be instantly recognisable. It represented the enormity of the challenge
I welcome the press release announcing the Prime Minister’s support to build further on the “Improving Lives” strategy by committing
As a long-standing supporter and admirer of the C3 Collaborating for Health charity, I readily accepted an invitation this week
I’m delighted to feature in the latest edition of the Occupational Health at Work journal; with a new article discussing
In Mental Health Awareness Week, I am struck by how easy many employers find it to simply act like ostriches
I was delighted to present recently at the “Good Work for Good Health” symposium, organised by the Vocational Rehabilitation Association
Empactis is delighted and proud to be named as one of the UK’s Top 10 workforce management solution providers for
Good work is an outcome of better employee health management – but it requires sustained effort and support for managers
I was interested and pleased to see Rand Europe’s published research analysing data from NHS Healthy Workforce and Britain’s Healthiest
This was the grand setting of the Attlee room in the House of Lords, in which Baroness Jolly hosted a
Manchester’s Central Convention Centre hosted the Annual NHS Providers conference recently. Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester gave a
Out today! The Business in the Community 2018 Mental Health at Work report, which findings include although 85% of managers
This exciting conference drew a diverse audience from Canada, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. The audience
I am delighted to see the launch of the NHS Workforce Health & Wellbeing Framework, which NHS Employers are now
This one-day training seminar was held in central London on 23rd April with 19 delegates attending and a waiting list
Our Empactis platform helps businesses to understand the true impact of absence and we consistently find that, even if absence
No Time to Lose, is the title of a new campaign from IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) the
Past experience, as Health & Safety Director for a large corporate business, taught me to be wary of the Court’s
After recently passing the milestone of entering my thirtieth year working in occupational health, I am becoming choosy about using
It may sound early to start writing about winter flu, but it’s as early as October that the seasonal flu
I was interested to see the data reported in the recent EEF report “Employee Health: making industrial strategy work for
In recent years, particularly over the last decade, multiple authors have researched and reviewed the value of occupational health and
NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) has just published its finalised Quality Standard on Healthy Workplaces (Healthy Workplaces; improving
Dr Steve Boorman, the Director of Employee Health at Empactis is a founder member of the National Forum for Health
It’s a sad time of year! No, really: December January and February see the peak for a seasonal type of
Dame Carol Black’s latest independent review for the Government concludes that one in three people claiming benefits because they are
Halloween was an interesting choice of date for the long awaited Government Green paper publication “Improving Lives” – the work
A significant “Green Paper” is expected shortly reflecting recent joint working between the Department of Health and the Department of
Empactis has been pleased to work regularly with The Fit for Work Team, based in Leicester, a non-profit social enterprise
With Autumn and Winter ahead, attention often turns to the potential for winter bugs to cause employee illness and absence.
NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) have just released for final consultation, guidance on quality standards to support healthy workplaces
The Rio Olympics will bring excitement, apprehension and joy to many of us over the next couple weeks but it
The recent published Absence rates for the NHS, show that Healthcare Assistants have overtaken Ambulance staff for the highest rate
The Working with Arthritis report launched on the 5th of July by Arthritis UK, highlights that musculo-skeletal conditions are one
Advance Notice – Public Health England’s New Framework for Use of E Cigarettes in the Workplace and Public Spaces Public
It is now vital for employers and employees to recognise the benefits of acting early and working together to support
With local councils gaining powers over business rates and public health spending, Dr Steve Boorman at Empactis explores the likely
Empactis, a leading provider of employee health, absence and engagement solutions, has been awarded a contract by Serco, the FTSE
The final report from the Carter Review into NHS efficiency has just been released, and it makes for sobering reading,
Following the festive period, many people are just about getting back to the normal routine, whilst grappling with a mix
Simon Stephen’s recent announcement at the NHS Innovation Expo on 2nd September confirms that the cost of sickness absence among
Empactis are delighted to announce that Dr Steve Boorman has joined the Empactis team, Dr Steve Boorman has joined the
A recent survey carried out by Barclays asked retail bosses what fears kept them awake in the run up to
Last week the CIPD released the results of their annual survey into absence management in the UK with some interesting
Absence management is so simple it often gets overlooked by the busy manager. Traditionally, all a manager had to do
The EEF recent Absence Survey 2014¹ reported that the number of days taken off through sickness is at a record
The latest CBI Absence and Workplace Health Survey published in July of this year stated that Absence is costing the
Many forward thinking organisations such as First Direct, DB Schenker Rail UK Ltd, Alliance Healthcare, Serco and United Biscuits recently
David Frost the Ex Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce, commented on these findings. "These figures highlight the very
“We often find that the most commercially minded HR professionals are less concerned with ethereal possibilities and are more exercised
Following the great success of both our London & Manchester seminar’s, we will be announcing the next date & venue
Thank you to everyone who attended our evening seminar on the 9th May in London. The night was a great
As we all know absence affects all business types and has many indirect costs associated with it but in a
The same old age old Absence Problem, yet the 2nd largest people process. With the recent government sickness absence review
CBI latest absence survey in 2011 reported that the UK economy lost 190 million working days to absence. The 190
In mid-January the Government published their response to the 2011 sickness absence review headed by David Frost CBE and Dame
New data shows long-term absence review only tackles small part of major problem. Absence Manager responds to DWP’s commitment to
A recent survey reveals that more and more HR professionals feel that the current 'fit note' system is simply not
It has been announced that NHS Employers have launched a new online tool to help organisations manage their absence. The