Serco Selects Empactis Platform for Absence Management and Employee Health

Empactis, a leading provider of employee health, absence and engagement solutions, has been awarded a contract by Serco, the FTSE 250 international service company, to deploy solutions to manage employee absence and well-being.

The deal will see all of Serco’s UK businesses deploy the Empactis platform, to manage unplanned absence, attendance cases, health referrals and Group Income Protection cases. Empactis Insight will provide data analytics and reporting for all aspects of employee health. Working with Empactis, Serco will improve its efficiency and reduce the costs and risks associated with employee health, key HR processes and staff absence.

Serco HR Director David Fox commented “The Empactis platform will enable us to enhance the management of sickness, unplanned absence and associated health issues. Capturing employee absence at the point of occurrence provides real-time information to managers that will enable them to better engage with, and support, our employees. The data and workflow guidance the platform generates will enable managers to concentrate on their team’s performance and focus on positive interventions from a health and engagement perspective. This will allow Serco to further develop its commitment to employee well-being through focused health and wellness initiatives.”

Empactis CEO, Matthew Bergmann-Smith commented “Every organisation is faced with major challenges due to issues such as an ageing workforce, obesity and stress. The costs and risks associated with these issues are significant for both employees and employers. We are thrilled to be working with Serco and are looking forward to enabling them to manage these challenges. Empactis is well positioned to help global businesses such as Serco, as our platform is based on the latest Microsoft Azure technology, allowing us to support our clients at any scale and in any country, thus the Empactis platform will enable Serco to reduce the risks, costs and negative impact on productivity associated with employee health and absence.”

About Serco

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