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The Empactis Organisation tool allows employers to capture and manage the complexities around workforce and hierarchy.

All Empactis modules are built around our Organisation tool which captures and makes visual the essentials of your hierarchy, line management model and employee groupings.

You can build appropriate and organisation-wide workflows for smooth and effective management of absence, health or HR cases, reducing associated risks and costs, including managing the health passport that ’follows’ employees.

What does our Organisation tool deliver?

  • Integrated system module that helps power all individual Empactis modules and visualises organisational structure
  • Captures the logic of each employee’s reporting line, group and role
  • Enables you to manage the scope of control at every level for secure governance of data access permissions
  • Delivers flexible executive-level dashboard views of the organisation’s structure
  • Fully integrated with the NHS Electronic Staff Record

The Organisation tool integrates with all HR information systems or works as a standalone solution.

Workforce management policies, processes and data views that are built around your organisational structure are more effective and deliver greater value.

Explore all the modules

Used individually or in combination, they help you to:
  • Manage end-to-end workflows with complete timeline records of organisational and employee interaction and communication, which acts as an audit trail and enables monitoring of policy compliance.
  • Achieve continual improvement in your management and understanding of employee health and absence, and how these relate to performance, productivity, cost and risk.
  • Empower line managers, HR, Wellness, and safety teams with the customised workflows, prompts, tools and guidance to engage more effectively with employees.
  • Reduce risks around employee absence, health and HR cases by ensuring no key step is ever missed or essential information unrecorded.
Click below to see the individual modules that leverage this powerful organisational tool – or visit our Platform overview page
All Empactis modules are designed around this central Organisation tool. They are:
  • Intuitive and easy for users to learn and use, with a familiar Windows-style user interface
  • Optimised for mobile devices, so users can stay informed and access key functionality from anywhere there is a web connection
  • Designed to work seamlessly together – explore how Health Manager, Absence Manager and HR Case Manager each contribute tailored functionality for these complementary needs
  • Configured to match your unique organisational requirements and workflows, supported by your own standard forms, checklists and templates
  • Designed with GDPR and data security in mind, including permission management and user security features such as scope of control, user roles and case-only permissions
  • Fully integrated with Office365 and other enterprise systems – find out more on our Technology page