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The Empactis Platform

The only end-to-end employee health platform to help you manage, monitor and take appropriate action to support employee health and wellbeing.


Employees are at the heart of every organisation, enabling every operation and fuelling your performance and success. Yet managing your workforce strategy and ensuring you have a healthy, high performing, highly engaged and well-supported workforce is complex. Managing absence can be a big challenge, often connecting to employee health management issues and a range of HR or ER case types. Empactis is designed to help you put your workforce’s health and wellbeing firmly at the heart of your workforce strategy.

Beyond HR software

Standard HR software helps organisations deal with day-to-day administration requirements like payroll and recruitment. Yet the vital element of employee health is often overlooked. There’s no focus nor functionality to help you ensure your staff are present, healthy and engaged. You struggle to see current and complete data about these vital issues – which means you can’t always see or manage the associated risks. And standard systems give you no way to help you support line and team managers to engage around employee health and wellbeing.

With the Empactis platform you can:

  • Empower line managers, HR, wellness and safety teams with the customised workflows, prompts, tools and guidance to engage more effectively with employees
  • Reduce risks around employee absence, health and HR cases by ensuring no key step is ever missed or essential information unrecorded
  • Manage end-to-end workflows with complete timeline records of organisational and employee interaction and communication, which acts as an audit trail and enables monitoring of policy compliance
  • Achieve continual improvement in your management and understanding of employee health and absence, and how these relate to performance, productivity, cost and risk

Flexible modules for absence, health and HR case management


The Empactis platform offers a range of modules that can be used independently or in combination.

Absence Manager offers a complete solution to manage planned and unplanned absence. Health Manager empowers your organisation to manage all aspects of employee health – proactively, continuously, and reactively when needed. HR Case Manager helps you integrate absence and health cases as well as all other types of HR case including disciplinary, performance and grievance into one streamlined and seamless workflow. All built around our Organisation tool which helps you to visualise and manage organisational hierarchy, with the opportunity for unparalleled real time and complete Insights reporting around health, absence and HR cases from Empactis and other enterprise systems.

Explore them for yourself below – or contact us to discuss their potential value to your organisation.