The Employee Health Management System

Put employee health and wellbeing at the centre of your workforce strategy.

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Employees are at the heart of every organisation. Managing workforce strategy is always complex — especially around employee health and wellbeing.

Demanding demographic, legal and political pressures can make it tough for employers to manage risks and costs around employee health. Gaining good data, accurate visibility and useful insight to make informed decisions is a huge challenge.

Unfortunately, your standard HR and enterprise software was never designed to meet these needs.

That’s where Empactis comes in. It is the only comprehensive employee health platform specifically designed to help organisations successfully manage, monitor and take appropriate action to support employee health and wellbeing.

We work with executive, operations, HR and health & wellbeing leaders across:

Who We Are

Empactis is a rapidly-growing SaaS software firm based in Reading, Berkshire. Our platform was developed with a wealth of experience in employee health, engagement and wellbeing. It is already powering a broad range of sectors that includes the NHS, public transport, facilities management, utilities, manufacturing, retail and logistics among others.

We support more than 250,000 workers across the private and public sectors – and that number is growing every single day.

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The Empactis platform empowers managers at every level with the information and tools to do the right things, at the right times, and engage effectively around the health of every employee. Its four complementary modules can be implemented in whatever combination you require to support line managers with guided workflows, information and tools to support employee health management, absence management, HR case management and associated challenges. All are based around our central Organisation tool which allows you to manage the complexities and relationships involved in your own hierarchy, groups and structures, and there is an Insights analytics module to help you grow your visibility and understanding.


At the centre of Empactis is an organisation tool which allows employers to manage all the complexities around hierarchy, groups and structure.

EMPACTIS Absence Manager

An early indicator of Health or engagement issues is employee absence. Empactis Absence Manager is a complete solution for both planned & unplanned absence.

Absence Manager ensures engagement with the employee throughout any absence period; offers real time data analysis; and removes the complexity and ambiguity from any absence process.

EMPACTIS HR Case Manager

Often an employee’s absence, health case or engagement issue may overlap with disciplinary, grievance or other employee relations related cases. Empactis HR Case Manager offers a customised workflow to guide users through the HR process and allows you to manage these cases with minimum cost and complexity

EMPACTIS Health Manager

Empactis Health Manager empowers your organisation to manage all aspects of your employees’ health. By providing end-to-end case management and full medical record history; promptly identifying health intervention support when needed; and allows you to manage 3rd party practitioners such as occupational health services. Empactis even offers an employee “lifestyle” app that allows employees to engage directly and take responsibility for their own health.


Empactis Insights is a unique reporting tool that integrates with other corporate systems, offering employers a real opportunity to apply ‘big data’ analytics to all aspects of employee health and engagement


The Empactis platform is built using state-of-the-art, flexible, secure and scaleable Microsoft Azure cloud technology. It not only works flawlessly with Office 365 but also integrates with major HRM and enterprise solutions.

Empactis has been optimised to integrate seamlessly with the NHS Electronic Staff Record, and is easy for public sector organisations to access via the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace.