NCIC NHS Foundation Trust led the NE region in uptake of NHS staff vaccination for Flu and COVID while releasing significant savings in vaccination staff cost, with the aid of Empactis

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Each year, NHS staff vaccination programmes are run by every NHS Trust for the Winter ‘Flu season – but when COVID was added into the mix two years back, things got far more challenging.  

In 2022, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust asked Empactis to help ensure that the third year was more efficient. 

NCIC is already rolling out our employee health management system to help support its 6500 staff – but first, it had to manage the Winter 2022/23 staff vaccination challenge.  Our latest case study tells the story of how they managed, with the aid of Empactis.

The programme start date was fast approaching. From the start of the contract to a fixed ‘go live’ date, NCIC and Empactis had to move very fast to design and implement a booking solution. 

The dual delivery of two vaccines had already added to the workload. It needed extra qualification and consents, new reporting requirements and increased vaccine inventory complexities.   

Mitigating a growing workload for NHS staff vaccination 

“COVID had more than doubled our workload. The first two rollouts were very paper heavy and administrative – there was no booking system. In Year 3, we knew the team would be smaller as the workload was coming back to our Occupational Health department. We simply had to do things in a different, more efficient manner.” So says David Allen, Assistant Director, People Support at NCIC.  

Empactis developed a flexible solution that enabled staff not just to self-book into clinics. They could also file consents and communicate with OH about the vaccinations.  Amongst other benefits, NCIC has been able to: 

  • secure significant savings in vaccination staffing 
  • noticeably ease clinic administration 
  • markedly reduce paper volumes
  • minimise vaccine wastage  

NCIC led the North East region in speed of NHS staff vaccination uptake. That was even the case among some clinical cohorts who are traditionally slow to book in for their jabs! 

Empactis is proud to be supporting NCIC on its journey to improve staff health and wellbeing with a new system to support employee absences, occupational health, and HR case management.  

Are you an NHS Trusts who would like to read the full story of how NCIC has transformed its NHS staff vaccination programme management?

Download the case study here or email for more information