No jab no job? Why UK employers must think carefully on monitoring COVID vaccinations for employees

COVID vaccinations for employees

Managing COVID vaccinations for employees has suddenly become a big news story in the US. Google, Facebook and Netflix are among the first employers to say that they will require workers to prove double vaccination against COVID before they return to work. This is due to the rapid rise of the Delta variant in America.   In the UK, it has led to lurid […]

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Will Businesses Count the Cost of Returning to ‘Normal’ as the third wave grows? COVID absence management is about to get even more challenging.

Covid absence management

COVID absence management due to isolation and long term sickness will bring fresh costs and challenges As England prepares to unlock, many business leaders are breathing a sigh of relief. With the end of work from home recommendations, many are planning to bring workers back to deserted workspaces, and others looking forward to building back to a more normal level of operations.   It may […]

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Long COVID employers guide & resources

Long COVID employers guide-long term impact

What Employers need to know about Long COVID Long COVID is becoming an increasingly common topic of discussion among health professionals, policymakers and the media alike, and for good reason. This long COVID employers guide aims to help employers understand the topic. As cases of COVID have arisen over the past year, so has the reporting of […]

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As returns to work increase, how prepared are employers to manage and monitor COVID-19 health risks and vaccination status among their workers?

The continued successful rollout of the vaccination programme seems to support the view that we are now on an inexorable path towards a ‘return to normality.’   At present, advice to work from home wherever possible remains in force. It will stay in place until a scheduled review before Step Four of the roadmap out of lockdown, no earlier than 21st June.   However, the return […]

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Managing the Risk of Return with individual Risk Assessments for staff

risk assessments for staff

How individual employee risk assessments for staff complement other COVID-19 workplace health and safety efforts. This week has seen the announcement of what seems an inexorable, if cautious, relaxation of lockdown.  Employers are now considering what this means in terms of the timelines and practicalities of returning staff to workplaces.   One of the most vital practicalities is how to recognise and remove […]

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Employee Health Trends 2021 – could better employee health strategy be the light at the end of the tunnel?

employee health trends

Why 2021 offers HR directors opportunities to show strategic impact with smart employee health strategy Employee Health Trends for 2021 The past year has taught us just how hard it can be to predict what a new year might bring.  For HR Directors and people managers, 2020 brought unprecedented employee health hurdles. They spanned areas […]

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Helping NHS Trusts address staff COVID-19 vaccination management

COVID-19 vaccination management

NHS sites, surgeries and hospitals around the country are now becoming fully engaged in attempts to accelerate vaccination of the most vulnerable against COVID-19 – something for all to applaud. We must never forget that among the priorities are our healthcare workers. It means that NHS Trusts are simultaneously grappling with a vast logistical, administrative […]

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Do you have your employees’ backs this Autumn?

home working health

A home working health checklist for employers As Lockdown 2.0 looms across England, are employers ready to manage the home working health implications not just in the short term, but looking ahead?   Many employers initiated home working programmes in response to the pandemic and in April 46% of UK employees worked from home (ONS April 2020).  It is likely that a similar proportion will […]

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Latest employee mental health at work evidence highlights role of line managers during COVID-19

employee mental health covid

Employee mental health in the spotlight in these tough times Organisations and their leaders are in many ways flying blind this year, thanks to the unprecedented events of the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeing ahead is harder than ever before in a situation where guidance for employers can change almost on a daily basis. Look ahead they […]

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Empactis enables MFT to meet rising tide of NHS Covid-19 absence reporting, testing and risk assessments at scale – a testimonial

NHS covid-19 absence management

How we worked with MFT to support their management of Covid-19 absence, testing and risk assessments Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) is one of the largest acute trusts in England. It employs more than 25,000 staff across ten hospitals and community services in the North West, with the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West also falling under its […]

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