Helping NHS Trusts address staff COVID-19 vaccination management

COVID-19 vaccination management

NHS sites, surgeries and hospitals around the country are now becoming fully engaged in attempts to accelerate vaccination of the most vulnerable against COVID-19 – something for all to applaud.

We must never forget that among the priorities are our healthcare workers.

It means that NHS Trusts are simultaneously grappling with a vast logistical, administrative and management task of vaccinating their own staff – at the exact same time as the wider rollout.

Challenging questions about NHS staff vaccination management

Trusts face at least 10 vital questions relating to the operational delivery of the vaccine for NHS employees – many will be considering things such as how to:

  • manage and track the offer of a vaccination to staff
  • establish health-related eligibility for a vaccination
  • know if an employee has received a vaccination already
  • obtain and manage employee consent
  • handle a refusal of a vaccination
  • invite staff to book themselves for their first vaccination
  • recall staff for second injections and meet elapsed time rules
  • capture immunisation data and integrate this into employee health records
  • know how many staff have and have not yet been immunised
  • report internally and meet national data requirements

Managing and tracking NHS staff COVID-19 vaccination management

One of the UK’s largest acute care providers, the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, already has such insights and capabilities. It has been vaccinating its more than 24,000 staff with the Pfizer vaccine since December 2020. It was already managing its COVID-19 staff absence and risk assessments using the Empactis employee health management system.

Empactis has been involved from the start of the staff COVID-19 vaccination programme. It has helped several Trusts to address the practical issues of managing offers, eligibility, bookings, consents and vaccination records swiftly and at scale. As a result, it could develop and prove an ‘out of the box’ solution just for COVID-19 vaccination management at scale. It can be deployed in days.

New information sheet

COVID vaccination management

A new information sheet is available for NHS Trusts wishing to learn more. Discover how MFT is facing each practical step and stage in this complex process of COVID-19 vaccination management.

To request the PDF, please email

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