Empactis enables MFT to meet rising tide of NHS Covid-19 absence reporting, testing and risk assessments at scale – a testimonial

NHS covid-19 absence management

How we worked with MFT to support their management of Covid-19 absence, testing and risk assessments

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) is one of the largest acute trusts in England. It employs more than 25,000 staff across ten hospitals and community services in the North West, with the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West also falling under its aegis.  

The sheer scale of the Covid-19 absence challenge in a Trust this size seems daunting.  Yet because MFT had already rolled out Empactis Absence Manager across the organisation, it could deal better with the rising tide of demand on several fronts, from easier SitRep reporting to NHSEI to engaging with its healthcare workforce. 

A new testimonial has been published which tells the story of how MFT found itself more able to handle this gargantuan challenge with the aid of the Empactis platform, and support from the Empactis team. Among the benefits MFT relate are as follows:

Supporting staff and managers through Covid-19 absence and testing 

During a time of crisis, enabling managers and senior staff to engage effectively with employees was critical.  “At a local level both substantive managers and temporary managers have used the system to keep in regular contact with absent staff whilst maintaining accurate electronic case records to enable effective support” said Claire Macconnell, Group Director of HR. 

Risk assessments for vulnerable staff 

As knowledge of the impact of the virus on different communities grew, MFT recognised the urgent need to ensure Covid-19 risk assessments for BAME and other vulnerable groups. It realised it would add yet more workload for the HR team and line managers and approached Empactis for help, which led to online risk assessments that could enable timely actions and support central reporting. 

Tireless support for a tireless team 

Empactis was already a partner in MFT’s long-term initiative to reduce absence and enhance staff health. During the pandemic the emphasis shifted seamlessly to support new collaborative and centralised HR, Employee Services and Employee Health and Wellbeing efforts, manage the workload, and support staff wherever they were working.  

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Empactis has worked tirelessly with us to meet the new challenges … They have been exceptional.”

Marisa Pickerill – Assistant Director of Employee Health and Wellbeing 

Claire Macconnell told us: “Empactis has always worked closely with our teams, listening to what we say and taking it on board. Their support and responsiveness during the pandemic has proved invaluable.” 

MFT is expanding its rollout of the full Empactis platform. This will enable the Trust to connect absence to employee health cases and other aspects of health and wellbeing and establish new ways to engage with and support its staff. 

To find out more or get a copy of the full testimonial please email info@empactis.com

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