Employee status self-declaration portal

Connected COVID risk assessments

Organisation-wide visibility of COVID risk & vaccination status

Vaccination status linked to employee health record or ‘passport’

Manager guidance for employee engagement

Dashboard insights and reports enable informed decisions

Seamlessly integrated with HR and business systems

The UK roadmap outlines a tentative timeline towards restoring ‘normal’ operations. Vaccinations will enable employees to return – but many challenges lie ahead.

To protect the health and safety of every employee, employers must understand the risks of COVID. Not only by assessing and responding to the risks of each individual but also recognising the risks that employees may present to each other and to those with whom they have direct contact at work. Many employers will wish to understand which staff have been immunised and may ask staff to declare their status, as part of their planning.

Robust, secure and appropriate processes, policies and platforms will be vital – yet standard systems weren’t designed for this.  Empactis Health Manager is part of our wider employee health management cloud system. It is optimised to support these current COVID requirements and adapt fast as situations change.

  Integrates with absence, health and case management processes within the Empactis system

 Employee absence and related data securely hosted within the Microsoft Azure cloud

Powerful insights and reporting thanks to integrated Insights module

Our Organisation core draws on the essentials of your own hierarchy

Don’t expose your business to risk due to inadequate and inflexible systems that were not designed for the job.

Let Empactis help you adapt to your new risk and vaccination monitoring needs.