Employee test result self-reporting

Automatic manager/HR alerts on positive tests

Reminders to log current LFT results

Capture test data to employee health records

Notify managers and connect to absence process

Real-time oversight of testing and outcomes

Tuned to each organisation’s specific needs

All British businesses have been offered free rapid Lateral Flow Tests. These can help to bring staff back into workplaces more safely and help alert infected but asymptomatic employees.  Testing can not only help avoid outbreaks but also help to reassure nervous returning staff that their employer is committed to a safe and healthy working environment for all.

Effective testing management means more than the distribution of tests to staff – it will require careful management to ensure that staff are taking the tests on a regular basis.

Organisations will need to rely on employees alerting them to any positive results and to have clear workflows in place for responses and next steps.

Empactis Health Manager is part of our powerful cloud-based employee health management solution. It has been enhanced to embrace the new testing management and risk management challenges of COVID-19.

  Integrates with risk, vaccination and related processes within the Empactis system

Employee testing and health data securely hosted within the Microsoft Azure cloud

Powerful insights and reporting thanks to integrated Insights module

Our Organisation core draws on the essentials of your own hierarchy

Empactis has honed its expertise in staff testing management working with NHS Trusts across the country – talk to us about how to manage testing at scale in your organisation.