Pandora’s Box? Coronavirus Test, Track and Trace scheme opens up to employers

coronavirus test track and trace

Are employers prepared for the scale and long haul? Now that the Government has significantly opened up the Test, Track and Trace programme, employers of key workers can now register staff and members of their household for Covid-19 infection tests. Individuals can also self-refer themselves or household members to obtain either a home kit or a drive-in test.   Until we have a vaccine, employers need to think in the […]

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The quest for a coronavirus test – why employers may have to wait

coronavirus test

Why employers may have to wait for test-based confirmation of immunity for workforce planning and what that means for managing returns to work The difficulty and delay being faced by the Government in validating any antibody test may be raising the already heightened anxiety levels of business leaders across the UK. At the time of […]

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Could artificial intelligence for occupational health help employers meet essential workplace responsibilities?

Artificial intellilgence for occupational health

Staying abreast of, or even ahead of, how technology can transform organisations and enable those in leadership positions to do better for their staff, is essential. To that end, I am pleased to have been asked to write at some length about the use of artificial intelligence for occupational health in the latest Occupational Health […]

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Employers must take their responsibilities towards employee mental health more seriously

supporting employee mental health better

Today I am returning to the vital issue of mental health at work. Not only because this is an essential responsibility for employers, but also in response to the recently-released Business in the Community (BiTC) Mental Health at Work 2019 Report. Last year, I described the findings as worrying. This year, I am dismayed – […]

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How employers can positively impact employee wellbeing by raising awareness of high blood pressure in the workplace

The estimates of numbers of UK adults with high blood pressure, or hypertension, are startling. The NHS estimates 1 in 4, while Blood Pressure UK’s estimates are even higher at 1 in 3 adults.  It is a health condition which majorly impacts both employees and employers. Health consequences of high blood pressure can include increased […]

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Workplace suicide and death – how the right employment culture helps to manage a difficult subject

Today I am returning to the issue of suicide. Not just because I am keen to keep the spotlight on the positive contribution employers can make around this tough subject, but also in anticipation of an important upcoming publication by Business in The Community (BiTC). I recently travelled to London to contribute to a series […]

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Relating NHS sickness absence rates to attendance data is a tough challenge

NHS staff absence management

I am always pleased to see that NHS Digital continuing to publish data openly on sickness absence rates across the NHS. The latest quarter’s data to the end of March 2019 has just been released. It is also excellent to see the narrative refers to the work my team did in reviewing NHS staff health […]

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It’s Official: Employee Health is everyone’s business (Government consultation)

This week sees the launch of a long-anticipated open consultation around the vital topic of employee health and the responsibility of employers. The Green Paper consultation reflects ideas supporting the Government’s 10-year strategy to enable one million more people with disability or long-term illness to remain in work. It highlights that the demographics of our […]

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A new starring role for Occupational Health

“By George she’s got it!” For many, that reference will be instantly recognisable. It represented the enormity of the challenge faced by Eliza Doolittle as she fundamentally changed the way she communicated to the world. The connection to Occupational Health (OH) may be less obvious, but I believe it has relevance. Because Occupational Health also […]

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Government pledges new initiatives to reduce barriers to work for disabled

I welcome the press release announcing the Prime Minister’s support to build further on the “Improving Lives” strategy by committing to new measures to support those with disability. The new government drive is setting out to tackle the many injustices and barriers faced by those with disabilities in the workplace, as well as at home […]

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