The NHS is putting employee health on the Board agenda by appointing Wellbeing Guardians. Shouldn’t every corporate business do the same?

NHS Wellbeing Guardians for employee health

Executive Summary: Time to put health and wellbeing on every Board agenda with Wellbeing Guardians  The impact of the pandemic has put employee health on every Board agenda. In the NHS, employee Wellbeing Guardians will help it stay there. This role could be as valuable in the corporate world as in the NHS.   The NHS has conceived a powerful Board-level role to challenge leaders. It will […]

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As returns to work increase, how prepared are employers to manage and monitor COVID-19 health risks and vaccination status among their workers?

The continued successful rollout of the vaccination programme seems to support the view that we are now on an inexorable path towards a ‘return to normality.’   At present, advice to work from home wherever possible remains in force. It will stay in place until a scheduled review before Step Four of the roadmap out of lockdown, no earlier than 21st June.   However, the return […]

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Why temporary relaxation of lorry driving hours must not mean ignoring driver health and wellbeing

HGV driver health and wellbeing

Last week’s decision by Government to allow a further temporary relaxation of drivers hours rules may be necessary. Port delays and queues may be inescapable. Yet it is a worrying signal that driver health and wellbeing may be at the back of the queue of priorities. The risks of prolonged drivers hours The pandemic has […]

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Do you have your employees’ backs this Autumn?

home working health

A home working health checklist for employers As Lockdown 2.0 looms across England, are employers ready to manage the home working health implications not just in the short term, but looking ahead?   Many employers initiated home working programmes in response to the pandemic and in April 46% of UK employees worked from home (ONS April 2020).  It is likely that a similar proportion will […]

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Loughborough University establishes award-winning Occupational Health management service

occpuational health management at University

Transformation success proves the power of employee health leadership and determination Occupational health (OH) professionals can be the unsung heroes behind the return to work and health for employees. This year has demanded the very best of their skills to support workers in essential sectors ranging from healthcare to logistics, and public transport to education. […]

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Latest employee mental health at work evidence highlights role of line managers during COVID-19

employee mental health covid

Employee mental health in the spotlight in these tough times Organisations and their leaders are in many ways flying blind this year, thanks to the unprecedented events of the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeing ahead is harder than ever before in a situation where guidance for employers can change almost on a daily basis. Look ahead they […]

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REBA Employee Wellbeing Report 2020 shows workplace wellbeing culture is evolving rapidly

Employee Wellbeing Report

Last year our employee health consultant Dr Steven Boorman was asked to contribute expert opinion to the forthcoming REBA* Employee Wellbeing report. Nobody knew then about the tsunami of employee health and wellbeing concerns that would build during the Covid-19 pandemic.  *Rewards and Employee Benefits Association The changed landscape makes a report like this even more important. […]

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Using spreadsheets for absence management and employee data is not smart

Usings spreadsheets for absence data is not smart

Covid-19 has brought employee health and the challenge of managing absence to the top of the agenda. It placed new demands on managers and HR teams. They must now track a complex array of Covid-19 related absences alongside new challenges such as arranging coronavirus tests.  When the pressure is on and there is new information to capture, it is natural to […]

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Pandora’s Box? Coronavirus Test, Track and Trace scheme opens up to employers

coronavirus test track and trace

Are employers prepared for the scale and long haul? Now that the Government has significantly opened up the Test, Track and Trace programme, employers of key workers can now register staff and members of their household for Covid-19 infection tests. Individuals can also self-refer themselves or household members to obtain either a home kit or a drive-in test.   Until we have a vaccine, employers need to think in the […]

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The quest for a coronavirus test – why employers may have to wait

coronavirus test

Why employers may have to wait for test-based confirmation of immunity for workforce planning and what that means for managing returns to work The difficulty and delay being faced by the Government in validating any antibody test may be raising the already heightened anxiety levels of business leaders across the UK. At the time of […]

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