Will Businesses Count the Cost of Returning to ‘Normal’ as the third wave grows? COVID absence management is about to get even more challenging.

Covid absence management

COVID absence management due to isolation and long term sickness will bring fresh costs and challenges As England prepares to unlock, many business leaders are breathing a sigh of relief. With the end of work from home recommendations, many are planning to bring workers back to deserted workspaces, and others looking forward to building back to a more normal level of operations.   It may […]

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Using spreadsheets for absence management and employee data is not smart

Usings spreadsheets for absence data is not smart

Covid-19 has brought employee health and the challenge of managing absence to the top of the agenda. It placed new demands on managers and HR teams. They must now track a complex array of Covid-19 related absences alongside new challenges such as arranging coronavirus tests.  When the pressure is on and there is new information to capture, it is natural to […]

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Managing people and business continuity in a coronavirus pandemic

Essential management advice to help organisations prepare to manage coronavirus employee absences The Government has now shared its plans and contingency considerations for the potential impact of a pandemic CoVID-19 coronavirus with the UK public and the world.   It may have huge personal significance for every citizen in Britain.  Yet there are also huge potential […]

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Relating NHS sickness absence rates to attendance data is a tough challenge

NHS staff absence management

I am always pleased to see that NHS Digital continuing to publish data openly on sickness absence rates across the NHS. The latest quarter’s data to the end of March 2019 has just been released. It is also excellent to see the narrative refers to the work my team did in reviewing NHS staff health […]

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Health, Work, Well-Being and Sickness Absence Survey 2017

I was interested to see the data reported in the recent EEF report “Employee Health: making industrial strategy work for Britain”. Despite 77% of 264 manufacturing organisations surveyed being aware of the Fit for Work Service, less than half (46%) would consider using it and nearly a quarter actively said they would not use it! […]

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Reviewing the Carter Report – Absence Management Key to NHS Meeting Commitments

The final report from the Carter Review into NHS efficiency has just been released, and it makes for sobering reading, with headline grabbing findings including billions being wasted on inefficient use of staff, paying over the odds to suppliers, bedblocking, and a high reliance on agency workers. The report went on to say that hospitals […]

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