The Health of Healthcare Workers is the next major care crisis for the NHS – and action cannot wait until the pandemic is behind us

NHS staff health crisis

NHS staff health crisis is becoming a critical case  The enormous efforts of frontline NHS staff in the pandemic are crystal clear. Although the acute pressure of high patient volumes has receded somewhat, it has grown elsewhere. NHS Trusts continue to cope with the vaccine rollout, new variant infections, restarting key services, and a vast […]

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Employee Health Trends 2021 – could better employee health strategy be the light at the end of the tunnel?

employee health trends

Why 2021 offers HR directors opportunities to show strategic impact with smart employee health strategy Employee Health Trends for 2021 The past year has taught us just how hard it can be to predict what a new year might bring.  For HR Directors and people managers, 2020 brought unprecedented employee health hurdles. They spanned areas […]

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Why temporary relaxation of lorry driving hours must not mean ignoring driver health and wellbeing

HGV driver health and wellbeing

Last week’s decision by Government to allow a further temporary relaxation of drivers hours rules may be necessary. Port delays and queues may be inescapable. Yet it is a worrying signal that driver health and wellbeing may be at the back of the queue of priorities. The risks of prolonged drivers hours The pandemic has […]

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Using spreadsheets for absence management and employee data is not smart

Usings spreadsheets for absence data is not smart

Covid-19 has brought employee health and the challenge of managing absence to the top of the agenda. It placed new demands on managers and HR teams. They must now track a complex array of Covid-19 related absences alongside new challenges such as arranging coronavirus tests.  When the pressure is on and there is new information to capture, it is natural to […]

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