Growing Occupational Health in the NHS – “What did Boorman ever do for us?”

Dr Steve Boorman to help kick off the agenda of the NHS Health at Work Conference 2021 Empactis will have a strong presence at this year’s NHS Health at Work Network Conference at Chesford Grange on 14th-15th September 2021. Our employee health director Dr Steve Boorman is well known in NHS workforce health circles as […]

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Loughborough University establishes award-winning Occupational Health management service

occpuational health management at University

Transformation success proves the power of employee health leadership and determination Occupational health (OH) professionals can be the unsung heroes behind the return to work and health for employees. This year has demanded the very best of their skills to support workers in essential sectors ranging from healthcare to logistics, and public transport to education. […]

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Why our response to the corona virus should be: “Don’t Panic!”

Corona Virus Don't Panic

Nearly everyone in this country will be familiar with the catchphrase “Don’t Panic, Mr Mainwaring!” – but why should we be thinking this about the corona virus (now termed COVID-19), when media headlines are almost advocating the opposite? With media headlines talking of “lockdowns” and deaths, it can be hard to sort the facts from […]

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Could artificial intelligence for occupational health help employers meet essential workplace responsibilities?

Artificial intellilgence for occupational health

Staying abreast of, or even ahead of, how technology can transform organisations and enable those in leadership positions to do better for their staff, is essential. To that end, I am pleased to have been asked to write at some length about the use of artificial intelligence for occupational health in the latest Occupational Health […]

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It’s Official: Employee Health is everyone’s business (Government consultation)

This week sees the launch of a long-anticipated open consultation around the vital topic of employee health and the responsibility of employers. The Green Paper consultation reflects ideas supporting the Government’s 10-year strategy to enable one million more people with disability or long-term illness to remain in work. It highlights that the demographics of our […]

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A new starring role for Occupational Health

“By George she’s got it!” For many, that reference will be instantly recognisable. It represented the enormity of the challenge faced by Eliza Doolittle as she fundamentally changed the way she communicated to the world. The connection to Occupational Health (OH) may be less obvious, but I believe it has relevance. Because Occupational Health also […]

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Outsourced occupational health – does it really mean lower quality occupational health services for employees?

I’m delighted to feature in the latest edition of the Occupational Health at Work journal; with a new article discussing the challenges around the outsourcing of occupational health services. Based on my personal experience of managing one of the largest outsourcing programmes of an occupational health service in the UK, this article reflects on the […]

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Occupational health; the value proposition

In recent years, particularly over the last decade, multiple authors have researched and reviewed the value of occupational health and this document is a helpful reminder that it’s no longer a case of relying on “trust me I’m a doctor”, there is a clear path that links pro-active and responsive occupational health to improved employee […]

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The challenge ahead for occupational health: Green Paper due out

A significant “Green Paper” is expected shortly reflecting recent joint working between the Department of Health and the Department of Work & Pensions to address the needs of the working age population. The last ten years has seen a series of formal reviews highlighting the high cost of ill health amongst those of working age […]

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