The Health of Healthcare Workers is the next major care crisis for the NHS – and action cannot wait until the pandemic is behind us

NHS staff health crisis

NHS staff health crisis is becoming a critical case  The enormous efforts of frontline NHS staff in the pandemic are crystal clear. Although the acute pressure of high patient volumes has receded somewhat, it has grown elsewhere. NHS Trusts continue to cope with the vaccine rollout, new variant infections, restarting key services, and a vast […]

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COVID-19 ethical guidelines from medical professional bodies ensure consensus to place fairness at the core for patients

COVID-19 ethical guidelines

The Royal College of Physicians, backed by an array of prestigious medical professional associations, has today published new guidelines around the Ethical dimensions of COVID-19 for front-line staff.    Dr Steve Boorman was one of many authoritative contributors, participating in his role as Chair of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s Ethics Committee, alongside experts from the Royal […]

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Why corona virus has reinforced the importance of managing sickness absence

sickness absence

Employers need effective processes for managing, reporting and recording all absences, all the time – not just when we’re worrying about a new virus Corona virus, now known as COVID-19, is all over the news, all the time, at the moment.  That there is widespread concern is unsurprising. That employers do not already have a clear […]

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Why our response to the corona virus should be: “Don’t Panic!”

Corona Virus Don't Panic

Nearly everyone in this country will be familiar with the catchphrase “Don’t Panic, Mr Mainwaring!” – but why should we be thinking this about the corona virus (now termed COVID-19), when media headlines are almost advocating the opposite? With media headlines talking of “lockdowns” and deaths, it can be hard to sort the facts from […]

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NICE publishes fresh guidance for employers on managing long term sickness absence

Managing long-term sickness absence

New guidance is now available for employers on best practices for managing long term sickness absence.  The guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), supported by Public Health England, is designed as a resource for all employers in the UK.   The new guidance comes in the form of a flowchart which can form […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Calling on employers to cease ‘Ostrich’ approach to Mental Health at work

In Mental Health Awareness Week, I am struck by how easy many employers find it to simply act like ostriches around mental health at work. Many research statistics over the years have highlighted that mental ill-health is not unusual in any way. We all ‘have’ mental health, and very many of us will have adverse […]

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Arriva Trains Wales Targets Employee Health

Matthew Bergmann Smith, the CEO of Empactis, believes all rail operators must consider strategies that improve employee health. Rail operators like Arriva Train Wales (ATW) are experiencing unprecedented workforce pressures. Obesity and diabetes are at epidemic levels and one in four people are suffering a mental health illness in any one year. Unsurprisingly, these health […]

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Health, Work, Well-Being and Sickness Absence Survey 2017

I was interested to see the data reported in the recent EEF report “Employee Health: making industrial strategy work for Britain”. Despite 77% of 264 manufacturing organisations surveyed being aware of the Fit for Work Service, less than half (46%) would consider using it and nearly a quarter actively said they would not use it! […]

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Sickness Absence: As A Business Leader Are You Seeing The Whole Truth?

The contentious issue of sickness absence is rarely out of the news and for good reason – it’s an absolute profit destroyer for both the private and public sectors. Last month, a report published by The HSE revealed the annual cost of sickness to the wastage industry is £70m – that’s a lot of wastage […]

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