Empactis is named among best HR technology providers in the UK for 2019

Empactis is delighted and proud to be named as one of the UK’s Top 10 workforce management solution providers for 2019 by HR Tech Outlook magazine.

Round-up of the best HR technology platforms

This recognition that we have created one of the best HR technology platforms on the market marks another step on what continues to be an exciting growth journey for our company, especially as the interest around employee health and related issues continues to grow.

We are always surprised to find fully-functional organisations who have no board-level strategy in place to protect or manage the health of their workers. Yet this is one of the reasons driving the success of our platform, which is rapidly becoming the ‘health operating system’ for enterprises of all sizes.

We were invited to tell our story in depth on the pages of HR Tech Outlook magazine. We were privileged to feature as the cover story for this landmark issue featuring the best HR technology solutions around.

In the article we reflect on some of the crystal-clear evidence from different health organisations of just how vital it is for employers of all sizes to become more proactive around employee health. Evidence is mounting that the cost of employee ill-health, both physical and mental, is unaffordable for organisations. Much of it may be avoidable with better employee health and well-being management.

It’s becoming essential that organisations and leaders implement the best HR technology possible to address this urgent need. The cost of unplanned absence is felt not just by employers but by the economies and healthcare systems of every country. The NHS is no exception – and Empactis is actively working with several organisations as they strive to implement the good practices advocated in the NHS Improvement framework.

Read the HR Tech article in full and learn more about the approach and platform that is helping large and small organisations to gain clearer and greater insight into their employees’ health needs than ever before. They are using it to manage absence patterns, help managers engage better with staff, and become more proactive with healthcare case management.

Empactis is proving that it stands out from the crowd. “There are a lot of modern HR systems and software tools that focus on payroll, recruitment, and talent management, but none of them have been designed from the ground up to manage health, absence and engagement in a truly joined-up way” explains our CEO, Matthew Bergmann-Smith, in the article.

More than 150,000 workers are now being supported by our solution, across the public and private sectors, and this number is growing daily. Hospitals, utilities, manufacturers and haulage contractors are just some of those forward-thinking adopters of the Empactis healthcare platform-as-a-service.

If you are a modern employer who is actively looking for ways to implement new tools and policies for employee health, we are ready to listen and learn about your needs. Contact us now to arrange a call with one of our expert team.