Empactis helps to tackle health and wellbeing within the workplace with other UK and Global employers.

Dr Steve Boorman, the Director of Employee Health at Empactis is a founder member of the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing at Work, along with HR directors and Chief Medical Officers from another 20 leading global companies and major public sector bodies including; NHS England, BT, Rolls Royce, John Lewis, Serco, Public Health England, Tesco and Marks & Spencer’s.

The Founder of the forum Cary Cooper explained the objectives of the forum “The overall objective of the forum which meets quarterly is to change practice and policy in the health and wellbeing arena, and to reinforce the evidence and belief that good health is good for business, good business is good for health”.

Dr Steve Boorman spoke of his involvement, “it has been my pleasure to work with Cary Cooper on many occasions during my career. This is an exciting development and an opportunity for leading HR and OH professionals to research and identify best practice on key issues impacting on employee health”.

The forum explores issues that are core to the Empactis philosophy and system including; the role of the line manager in creating healthier workplaces and enhancing productivity. With the help of international experts, the forum will also cover issues around; the impact of technology on working peoples’ lives; the impact of multi-generational workforce on health and wellbeing; the effect of a long working hours’ culture and the its impact on health, and flexible working; and how we can help the SME sector to create ‘good work’

To find out more about the forum you can read Cary Cooper’s full article on tackling health and wellbeing.