Self report absence including COVID-related causes

Automatically categorises COVID-19 related absences

Automated notifications to employees and managers

Integrates with Covid testing, status and expected ‘Fit for Work’ date

Report in real time, both locally and nationally

Draws on data from ESR

Improve attendance

Effective absence management is always essential in the NHS to minimise the costs and risks of absence. During the pandemic it has taken on additional importance and can help NHS Trusts not just support staff better but speed up and ensure the safety of staff returns to work.

Empactis Absence Manager already offers a powerful absence management capability to NHS Trusts. It was adapted and enhanced rapidly to meet the priorities of COVID-19 absence management and reporting at existing customer Trusts. This capability is now available out of the box for other Trusts.

“During COVID-19, the Absence Manager system underpinned our internal and central SitRep reporting. Without the system, this would have been a manual data collection exercise which would have been hugely resource intensive at a time when our services were at their most stretched.”

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In addition to standard Empactis Absence Manager functionality, our COVID-19 absence solution offers:

  • Customised employee self-reporting of absence enabling staff to indicate COVID-19 related absences and answer predefined questions to support effective management of such absences
  • Automatic notifications issued to employees reporting COVID-19 symptoms or potential exposure, to help guide them on their next steps
  • Automatic capture of COVID-19 related absence data in real time to enable daily ‘Situation Reporting’ and additional real-time reporting on demand, locally and to meet national data demands
  • Integration with COVID-19 testing processes via Empactis Health Manager
  • Automatic manager notifications and access to current status and expected ‘Fit for Work’ date

Improve efficiency, enhance effectiveness, reduce risks and lay a foundation for future employee health with Empactis Health Manager