Self report Lateral Flow test results

Lateral Flow test reporting reminders

Automatic positive result referral for PCR confirmation

Notify managers and connect to absence/other processes

Capture test data into employee records

Tuned to local Trust testing model

Report in real time, both locally and nationally

Empactis has been helping customers make the processing and reporting of COVID-19 tests easier, faster, and more efficient, even at large scale. Empactis provides an ‘out of the box’ solution for COVID-19 Testing Management, helping NHS Trusts manage their combination of COVID-19 PCR, Lateral Flow (LFT) and antibody testing. These will continue to play an essential role in managing the risk of COVID-19 in the NHS workforce. Our solution will help not only to manage asymptomatic carriers, but also enable the swiftest possible return to work of staff.

“We have had to adapt quickly to the demanding requirements on staff testing … Without the help of Empactis the data demands on exceptionally busy line managers would have been incredibly high.”

University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust – READ MORE

Configurable COVID-19 testing management for NHS Trusts

  • Tuned to local testing models: Your approach to testing must fit local models. Empactis does this by design.
  • Supporting key test stages: Empactis enables the management of test bookings, tracking results, and ensuring timely reporting to individuals, managers, and for central reporting. These processes are determined by the local testing model.
  • Intuitive staff tools: Empactis enables staff to self-report the results of their home Lateral Flow Tests or the PCR tests conducted at a Government site. Staff can input their own results via an intelligent online form that can be accessed on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Information is prepopulated to minimise data input and errors.
  • Seamless action on positive Lateral Flow Tests: If someone reports a positive Lateral Flow Test result, Empactis can automatically refer them into a confirmatory PCR testing process and will notify their manager. In some Trusts that will be an internal referral to book a PCR test directly with their Trust’s clinic. In others it can connect them to the booking process for a Government testing site.
  • Seamless action on positive PCR tests: If a staff member self-reports a positive test, the solution will immediately alert their manager and, if the Trust is also using Empactis Absence Manager, to absence management processes.
  • Automatic reminders: Regular use of Lateral Flow Testing is key to testing programme effectiveness – Empactis will send a reminder by email or SMS text if a staff member fails to report a result in the expected time period.
  • Reducing HR administration: By enabling staff to self-report the results of Lateral Flow and PCR testing, even large-scale test programmes can be managed more easily. Reports can be generated in real time and at any time, enabling easier Trust internal reporting and supporting National reporting requirements.

The benefits of connected COVID-19 employee health management

The COVID-19 Testing Management system can be deployed as a standalone solution. Several NHS Trusts are using the wider capabilities of Empactis to manage the practical issues related to COVID-19 including COVID-19 Vaccination Management, Absence Management, Risk Assessments and the HR Case management challenges of COVID-19 employee relations.

Wider use of Empactis can help NHS Trusts to work towards more joined up management of employee health and more informed manager engagement. Workflows can be managed in harmony and with greater transparency and accuracy of information, along with more robust and complete audit trails and richer employee health records.

Improve efficiency, enhance effectiveness, reduce risks and lay a foundation for future employee health with Empactis Health Manager