Empactis in the NHS

Committed to supporting NHS needs

Empactis has invested in the NHS. First, we built a deep non-commercial partnership with a major Trust to create a powerful and award-winning pilot programme. We invested in extensive development to ensure the Empactis platform integrates flawlessly with NHS systems including the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and Allocate HealthRoster e-rostering system, used by more than 80% of Trusts.  Now, we are investing our energy and effort in every NHS customer opportunity to ensure they gain the maximum possible value.

Unparalleled NHS Understanding

Empactis understands the challenges and imperatives of NHS staff health and wellbeing more deeply than any other provider of software in this space.

Our employee health director, Dr Steve Boorman, has been strongly associated with the cause of workforce absence, health and wellbeing in the NHS for many years. He chaired the landmark Boorman Review in 2009, which outlined fundamental recommendations for change and today informs current initiatives within the NHS.

Dr Boorman manages our strategic relationships with NHS Improvement, NHS Employers and supports our NHS customers in their efforts to drive to address absence and improve employee health and wellbeing within their organisations. His support helps NHS leaders create HWB focused cultures and pursue reductions in absence, risk and cost through better case management, improved manager engagement, earlier interventions and better support for line managers.

Working with NHS Customers

Empactis has worked with key NHS stakeholders including Human Resources, Health & Wellbeing departments and operational leaders to help them identify the optimal solution to their priority needs.

Our solutions are in active operation in various NHS Trusts across England, including hospitals, ambulance services and regional Trusts. Among these is the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, the largest Trust in the UK, where we are supporting all its 25,000 staff – read their testimonial about their support from Empactis during the pandemic.  University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust is another user – you can learn more about how we helped UHNM here.