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NHS Successes
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NHS Trusts around the country are connecting the care and support of staff across human resources, health and wellbeing and occupational health teams by working with Empactis.

HR, HWB and OH teams report benefits on many fronts

Health issues that can emerge in absence patterns are more visible and easier to identify. Referrals to HR or OH are processed more efficiently and effectively, consequently saving both parties time and frustration.

As result organisations benefit from having a complete and auditable timeline and history of engagement around health and related issues. Staff gain better support overall. Meanwhile, executive Boards and workforce team leaders gain huge insights from complete and comprehensive real-time data on staff absence and health. This is increasingly needed by incoming Health and Wellbeing Guardians, so that they can advise executive teams.

Empactis eases practical challenges of COVID workforce management

Managers are alerted automatically about COVID-related absences and provided with guidance. They can connect to test result management, engage with employees, record individual risk assessments, and support swift and safe returns to work. The Trust can report easily and monitor and track the impact that COVID is having on staffing levels and employee health for all its departments.

Our customers are achieving better NHS workforce health and wellbeing with Empactis.

Download our NHS Successes Summary sheet here to learn how two Trusts have gained value during the pandemic.

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