World Cup 0 UK Businesses 1

The much anticipated World Cup in Brazil is now finished and the nation is going back to ‘normal’ after going football crazy! However, it is not just the England scores and early exit that was interesting business leaders, they wondered if it would be UK Businesses 0 and Football 1? Would this World Cup cost UK employers billions in lost time and productivity?

During the world cup there has been much hype about the disruption it will cause to UK businesses. It was reported that 3.5million football fans would throw a ‘sickie’ on Friday the 20th after the 2nd England match, potentially costing UK firms £350million.

A survey by Ladbrokes even reported that more than one in ten of Britain’s 30.43million working population admitted they would give work a swerve. However, the impact on Absence Manager’s results for the morning after the match revealed no such curve ball. There was in fact no increase in the number of absences reported and compared to a typical Friday; the number of new absences was actually marginally less.

Since England’s early exit, it was discussed and reported if the World Cup would indeed have the same impact as predicted on UK businesses. Absence Manager have been monitoring all the games and were very keen to see how last night’s final would affect reported absences, would it be a worse than a normal Monday morning for UK businesses?

However, this morning’s results bore NO big surprises, with the number of reported absences yet again being marginally lower than a typical Monday morning. So with the World Cup over and Germany crowned champions it would seem that the final score is UK Businesses 1 World Cup 0.