Covid-19 Employer Challenges

The peak of the pandemic first wave may be over, but Covid-19 will impact employers for a long time.  The Empactis platform is a scaleable, flexible and secure solution to manage absence and testing. It can be deployed fast and then adapt to meet all connected needs in future. 

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Employers will play an ongoing role in Covid-19 testing. This has begun with the introduction of the infection Test, Track and Trace scheme and will get more complex as new test types come onstream, such as antibody tests. You will need to track and manage test registrations at scale and through different testing cycles.  

Absences have increased and are now driven by an array of new reasons in addition to normal sickness and other causes. Current and future absence patterns will remain affected by Covid-19 and need careful tracking and management, regardless of your involvement in a testing programme. 

Testing and the relaxation of lockdown offer a long-awaited way to restart operations. You have welcomed them but they bring major challenges ranging from how to manage testing today’s absent staffhelping recovered staff return at the right time and bringing all staff back to a safe work environment 

Managing initial testing for absent staff is only today’s challenge.  Employers must become more engaged around employee health and protection. Each individual’s risk must be considered. Flexible systems are needed for a future which may bring new needs, such as tracking immunity status or vaccination.  

Practical difficulties of Covid-19

Absence management has become more complicated as a result of Covid-19 infections, isolation and dependent care.  

Enabling staff to be tested for infection helps you bring healthy staff back to work faster, but you need accurate data about who is off and why to manage returns and tests efficiently and effectively. 

ER case management work will emerge from Covid-19 absences. Some staff will have health impacts requiring interventions or adjustments 

Additional employee relations (ER) outcomes will need input from HR and specialist advisors – connecting occupational health or legal counsel to clear, complete absence and case data will be essential.  

Health management requires a clear view of absence, testing, and associated employee relations activity, and a connected system to proactively monitor and protect workforce health 

Employers will bear the burden of proof that they have minimised the infection risk of every worker as an additional duty of care. 

Rapid solution

The Empactis platform has been adapted to enable rapid deployment to support practical management of Covid-19 related absences and test registrations.  Immediate benefits include: 

  • Faster response to book employees with Covid-19 symptoms or exposure for testing 
  • Clear, complete, connected information and audit trail about each absence and test booked 
  • Real-time and accurate visibility and reporting of current workforce absence and testing  
  • Secure data management and access in line with organisational hierarchies
  • Managers alerted and supported to engage swiftly and appropriately around absence and tests 

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