Addressing COVID-19 workforce issues

It is becoming ever-clearer that COVID-19 will impact employers and their staff for a long time.  The Empactis platform is a scaleable, flexible and secure solution to manage many of the administrative issues surrounding COVID-19, including absence and testing. It can be deployed fast and then adapt to meet all connected needs in future. 

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HR and other aspects of people administration have been vastly complicated by COVID-19.

Workforce teams are overstretched and overcommitted with new essential tasks that seem to grow daily.

  • Absence management is more complex with additional causes and higher absence levels overall
  • Booking PCR tests for staff helps bring them back safely and swiftly after negative results to sustain your productivity and services
  • Lateral flow testing gives you fast results but is yet another task to manage, and the results generate yet more health data to handle and store safely – spreadsheets simply won’t do
  • Managing vaccinations for staff is a new, immediate, and urgent NHS priority – but soon businesses may need or wish to get involved too, just as they did with testing

Engaging with staff, scheduling tests, managing timely returns, assessing individual health risks, capturing data and generating reports to enable informed management decisions is a huge task.

The Empactis Rapid Deployment COVID-19 management solution can help you address these challenges faster, more easily, and gain better real-time data and insight into this ongoing aspect of employee health.

Immediate capabilities and rapid benefits for COVID-19 administration


COVID-19 absence identification and returns

COVID-19 PCR test bookings and results management

COVID-19 lateral flow test results

COVID-19 vaccination administration (NHS only)


Centralised self-reporting of absence with auto-identification of COVID-19 related absences

Automated manager alerts and notifications

Real-time data capture

Reports and data exports in a few clicks


Get healthy staff back into work faster after negative tests

Minimise risks and costs of absence and test management

Real-time insight and reporting on workforce absence and testing

Manage and monitor OH providers delivering COVID-19 testing programmes

Ongoing practical challenges

Absence management will remain more complicated as a result of Covid-19 infections, isolation and dependent care.  

Enabling staff to be tested for infection helps you bring healthy staff back to work faster, but you need accurate data about who is off, why and the associated timelines and dependencies if you are to manage returns and test requirements efficiently and effectively.  As more rapid testing rolls out, the volume and frequency of testing increases along with the challenges of making decisions based on testing data.

ER case management work will emerge from Covid-19 absences. Many staff will have health impacts requiring interventions or adjustments 

Additional employee relations (ER) outcomes will need input from HR and specialist advisors – connecting occupational health or legal counsel to clear, complete absence and case data will be essential.  

Health management requires a clear view of absence, testing, and associated employee relations activity, and a connected system to proactively monitor and protect workforce health 

Employers will bear the burden of proof that they have minimised the infection risk of every worker as an additional duty of care. 

foundation for the future

The Empactis platform is cloud-based, flexible, secure, scaleable, integrates smoothly with Microsoft 365 and exchanges data with major enterprise and HR management software.

Our rapid deployment solution can help you address pressing issues now – but it will also form a foundation on which you can build proactive employee health and wellbeing strategies for the future.

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